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Motozip official website 2nd hand buy old car Arun Kushal Khatri official website from where you can buy old cars etc.


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MOTOzip This website is a website created by Youtubers on Arun Khatri, he is a resident of UP and lives in Delhi.He was employed as a constable in Delhi Police before 2018, later due to some internal affairs which he We do not have some clear information, due to unknown reasons, he resigned his government job as Delhi Police Constable and he started the Zip of Life YouTube channel. This YouTube channel was started in 2015 but did not work much on it earlier. After this, they started continuously putting videos, this video is to give information about old cars etc. We get very good information in their videos, Arun Kushal Khatri’s Youtube channel is named Chief of Life.





 Why did Arun Kushal Khatri quit the government job


You all know about Arun Kushal Khatri through YouTube. Today we are going to give information about the subject which you will not know till date. Arun Kushal Khatri was employed by Delhi Police as a constable (this information YouTube Based on the facts, we do not corroborate the information) Based on the information given by Arun Khatri, it was told that due to some wrong activities in the police department, which is an unknown reason and due to differences, he quit the government job of Delhi Police. Di and started working on his YouTube



 Arun Kushal Khatri’s journey to YouTube


If we talk about Arun Kushal Khatri’s Zip of Life YouTube channel, then his YouTube channel makes very good contacts, along with this, he has also tried to give us his opinion of vehicles and others. His tutorial is seen in a very good way. He made videos in a very good way. His YouTube channel was started in 2016, although he had already created a YouTube channel but from 2016 to 2019, he worked on his YouTube channel the most. Due to their hard work, the YouTube channel has reached such a big stage today.



 Arun Kushal Khatri’s website


They started the website in 2018, their website has not been completed yet and we are not getting to see much contact on that website but we hope that soon based on the information given by them But through this website, you will be able to buy old tools and also sell your old instruments, it will work normally in the same way as the OLX though this website has not been launched by Arun Kushal Khatri but he started working on it. Is done



 Conclusions and Suggestions


Good website moto zip but not be perfectly working future this website good working and I hope you help for every people.

Hope you have liked the information given by us, we do not support any wrong information and the information given by us has been collected through YouTube channel. If you have liked this information, please send it to your friends. Don’t forget to share with


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