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Louise Lombard

Today we know who Louis Lombard is and how his life has been and what to do now. Let us know that Louise Lombard is an English actress who currently has a lot of movies – work has been done, though she has been praised Due to their popularity, it is being applied. Maybe, but he is not related to Britain providing too much fame as it is the daughter of an average parent living a normal life named Louis Lombard.

Those who work in the BBC drama series The House of Electro and Sophie in the ACBS drama series ESI Crime Series Investigation etc. They were born in 1970, they are 50 years old. If we talk about their height, they are 1 point 6 meters height. Birth place is Britain, their education if we talk which is as follows

louise lombard schooling

Cambridge University

Louise Lombard  life has been normal as it borrows from a normal family, although her schooling was not so easy, her parents are from a normal family, so they also got their general education from their nearest school but Later, due to his education, because it was very good in education, he got admission in a good college because of his education. Admission was not so easy

Because his parents did not have that much money but still he spent his life with his life and took admission in a good college where he got admission in Grace College of College, he was very good in education, so he made his own Later, he completed his master’s degree in acting in a very good way and he first played a role in which he used to act very well inside the university.

His name has been very famous in the drama of canbrage and he has worked in very good films in the future, although louise lombard life was not so easy but he has made it so much easier on the basis of his education, today we have to talk about life. I will talk about all the aspects, how is it going to be and where is it? We will talk about it also.

What is the name of louise lombard childhood

Louise Lombard

What is the name of Louis Lombard’s childhood? If you have a question about what is the name of Louis Lombard’s childhood, then we should tell you that louise lombard childhood name is Lucy. His mother has told in an interview that We used to call louise lombard in my childhood as Lucy, although now this Lombard has become a distinct identity of its own

Because he has done many such films in Hollywood which is a super hit, we are very happy to see louise lombard theater drama and acting because there is no other female actor like him in Bollywood.

Those who have gained so much popularity, however, have gained much popularity in Lewis Ward and we hope that their popularity will continue forever, they have achieved their goals with their right guidance, choosing the wrong path, whose childhood His name was only today, he knows the whole world by the name of Louise Lom Ward, he is 50 years old.

When and where was louis lombard born

When and whereb louise lombard was born, the question must have come to your mind that when and where was Louise Lombard born, we would like to tell you that Louise Lombard was born on 13 September 1970 in Redbridge UK in 1970 ie You can apply those ten, but this is currently part of America, they also have a very good friend

Louise Lombard’s superhit movies
louise lombard superhit movies are such as Hydelco My Kingdom Trailer of the Money After BTech. Along with this, he has also made many hits in different movies in which he has become very famous in drama theaters. He featured a very good role in Dialogue Mumbai. Have done


Lombard is best known for playing Evangeline Eliott in the 1990s television drama The House of Eliott. Her first big break was in the hit series Chancer, after which Lombard went on to star in the television dramas Bodyuards and Metropolis and several films including Gold in the StreetsMy Kingdom and After the Rain.

In 1994, she was named one of People Magazines 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. From 1998 to 2000, Lombard took a career break to study English literature at Cambridge.

In 1998, Lombard starred in Tale of the Mummy; and, in 1999, she starred in the film Esher, with F. Murray Abraham. In 1999 Lombard starred in After the Rain with Ariyon Bakare, Paul Bettany and Peter Krummack.

In 2004, Lombard appeared in the film Hidalgo .In November that same year, Lombard began a recurring role on the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation during Seasons 5 and 6. She made her first appearance in Season 5, Episode 7 (“Formalities”), playing Sofia Curtis, a crime scene investigator who later becomes a homicide detective. In September 2006, in the Season 7 premiere (“Built to Kill, Part 1”), Lombard began a regular role which she held throughout that season, until its finale (“Living Doll”). In September 2007, Lombard appeared in the Season 8 premiere (“Dead Doll”) and was credited as a Special Guest Star.

In 2009, Lombard appeared in the backdoor pilot episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, which aired during Season 6 of the main NCIS series; Episodes 22 (“Legend Part 1”) and 23 (“Legend Part 2”). She played Special Agent Lara Macy in charge of the NCIS Office of Special Projects in Los Angeles.

In March 2011, TVLine announced that Lombard would reprise her role as Sofia Curtis on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in the Season 11 episode “Father of the Bride”, which aired on 28 April 2011 and revealed that her character had been promoted to Deputy Chief.

In 2014, Lombard starred in the pilot for the Lifetime post-apocalyptic drama series The Lottery.


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