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 Important things about Loharu city that you don’t know

loharu city


If you live in District Bhiwani then you must have heard the name Loharu because this name is associated with King Maharaja Royal Family, yes we are talking about Loharu, the princely state of the Nawab and we are going to tell you today some important things about it. I am writing this article in 2021 and till now Loharu has changed to a great extent by combining all these things, I am going to give some important information about the city of Loharu today.

  1.  Loharu Pin Code 127201
  2.  Loharu Block
  3.  Loharu Government College
  4.  Loharu Jhansi Laxmi Bai Polytechnical College
  5.  Loharu Chaudhary Bansilal Government College Boys
  6.  Loharu Industrial Training Institute ITI
  7.  Loharu Police Post
  8.  Loharu Royal Family
  9.  Loharu Municipal Commission
  10.  Loharu Government Hospital
  11.  Loharu Public School
  12.  Loharu Girl Public School
  13.  Loharu Library
  14.  Loharu Park
  15.  Loharu Railway Station
  16.  Loharu Bus Stand
  17.  Loharu Old Market
  18.  Loharu Grain Market
  19.  Loharu Vegetable Market

 Major Banks in Loharu

  1.  Punjab National Bank
  2.  State Bank of India
  3.  Canara Bank
  4.  UCO Bank Loharu
  5.  Land Mortgage Bank Loharu
  6.  Sarva Haryana Gramin Bank

 The Nawab of Loharu and the date of establishment of Loharu

Loharu was founded by Nawab Ahmad Bux in 1803, in 1903 by Nawab Ahmad Baksh replacing the princely state of Bhiwani district. Aminudin was the last ruler of this fort. Tenure till 1947

 Educational institutions in Loharu city

Loharu city is a small city where you will get to see different educational institutions. First of all if we talk, there is an undergraduate college and post graduation college named Chaudhary Bansilal Government College Voice, in which two provinces are located. You can do B. Sanatan and M.A. Along with this, you can also see the branch of B.Sc. It is located here, B.Com and Chaudhary Bansilal Girl College, it is also located in Loharu city


 Rani Laxmibai Polytechnical College of Jhansi

The city of Loharu is not as small as it appears, because it has a complete system of education, it is located in select places in India. Among the polytechnical colleges, Loharu is one of the children from far away states. Rani Laxmibai Polytechnical College of Jhansi, the largest and largest educational institution of Haryana, is located here.There are thousands of children studying in this college and there is also a hostel from where the children can live and the food is also available. Along with this, you will get to see very beautiful gardens here, where the children feel and teach.


 Industrial Training Institute ITI is located in Loharu city

If we talk about ITI, an industrial training institute located in Loharu city, it is located outside Loharu city, it is close to the railway station, it seems close to the railway station. Do the selection and complete their educational qualification course. Many children are improving their lives here as well as there are placements in companies that work to give jobs to more and more children. Gone children get apprentices immediately and at the same time they get private jobs, placements are done here twice a year by private companies and employment fairs are also organized thrice every year.


 Choudhary Bansilal Government College Girls

The city of Loharu is not as you see it, because there is a complete system of education here and here you get to see the Chaudhary Bansilal Government College Boys, along with it, here separately the Chaudhary Bansilal Government College Girls P Has gone where girls can get safe education and it is located in the middle of Loharu city where there are main markets on both sides.


 Police station and court is located in Loharu city

 Sessions court is located in Loharu city, in Loharu city, you will get to see many things which are not seen in big cities, here you get to see the court and the police station which is the largest in Loharu is also there. Get


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