chances of opening colleges after lockdown

 chances of opening colleges after lockdown

If we talk about whether the college will be chances open after the lockdown or not, in this subject we would like to tell you that there is a lot of chance that the chances college is open after the lockdown, but it is really all different places and different –  It will be on the basis of a different state, along with this, we would also like to tell that if your college is private or any kind of private, then the answer will be right for you. Talking about different countries of the world, this college online there. 

 Classes are being run through classes but they are running but soon regular colleges will start running because Kovid-19 has spread epidemic all over the world but the education of children which is impacting on education is also going on.  The reason for the biggest closure of the college was to see that the spread of this disease among children is not as much as possible, along with schools, coaching centers, colleges and all the institutions and different education and crowded places  They were closed whether it was a market or construction of laborers working in different places, but slowly  Me lockdown is being changed to unlock and all kinds of things are being requested, along with this, Mall Ristro College School etc. is also being blocked.

➡️ chances of opening of colleges in india

 If we talk about India, there is a lot of chances of opening of colleges in india that the Government of India will also pay attention to the education of its children in the unlock and colleges will be opened, along with the examinations will be taken and the children who have been promoted. 

 The process of taking the examination of those children will also be released because the UGC guideline is that if the exam is not done then the degree will be considered illegal but this rule will not apply to the schools, which are different depending on your board. 

 Decisions will be taken, but as far as we understand, schools will not decide whether to do the exam because those children are small and it is more difficult to explain the guidelines but if talking about older children, then almost all the children of this college are like this  Those who understand the guidelines well and can take the exam, UGC has already said that if you want to take a degree, then you have to give the exam, to save the degree from being illegal, children will have to take the exam but it is not a game that  Exams should be given during this epidemic too.  It will have to be taken with more precautions but let us tell you that soon colleges will be opened inside India

➡️ Will there be college examinations in India?

 Nothing is clear on this, but if the colleges are unlocked in unlock then the answer to this question becomes very easy because if the colleges are constantly unlocked then your exam will be done and this exam has already been promoted by UGC.  On the go, the children of the first year and second year were promoted, they were told that they can be taken later in the exam, so you can continue their preparation but the children did nothing and it was given to a normal promotion  Looked at, but now this rules are going to change, many rules are changing from October 1, along with this rules will also be changed and your exams will be given if you too are in college and now thinking that  If you have been promoted, then you should continue your preparation along with the promotion so that if the exam is taken then you will not face any kind of trouble.

➡️ What is UGC’s guideline UGC (University grant commission)

 Through UGC University grant commission, all college universities have been instructed that if you have normal conditions in the state, then you can take the exam, along with this, there is a guideline of the UGC that now if there are no exams.  The degree will be declared invalid and in view of no problems in the future of the children, the UGC (University Grant Commission) has decided by the University Grant Commission that the children who have been promoted will now take examinations of those children.  

Along with that he will also be given some exemption such as one or two questions on which he will get additional exemption, which again he will be able to write his paper easily.

➡️The conclusion

  If under normal circumstances the colleges are opened or the lockdown is removed then the exam will be taken along with it and the colleges must be opened after the lockdown. We hope that the information given by us will prove beneficial for you if you If you are preparing for the job, then some of the latest posts below can prove to be helpful for you. This site provides you with information on the government sector private sector and offline result online result offline job form etc. We hope that through us Initiative taken in the blog section, you will continue to get articles on every information related to education, college, school jobs, etc.


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